About Us

Blacklands Belle strives to make quality Keepsake and Memorial jewellery at an affordable price for everyone. We can use Hair, Ashes or Breastmilk to create your unique item. No two samples of hair or ashes could ever be the same. we also use Recycled packaging and hand stamped designs as well as no nasty plastic glitters… 

We have made every effort to be eco friendly and only buy supplies from other ethical UK based small businesses.

By getting bigger and better every day and we pride ourselves in the high quality designs made for each of our clients.

“The name Blacklands Belle was inspired by the area I live in and my beautiful horse Belle. As time moved on my logo was inspired by the markings of my other horse Dandy. What started off by making jewellery to celebrate those horses and my son, it has transformed into a business which makes keepsakes and brings joy to other people. I am really excited for the future” Gaelle Dierick, Owner 

Lets talk about Beads!

Its all about light and colour as we take the time to look at some of our special keepsakes and memorial beads! I sure you have heard me say on my Facebook and Instagram many times about the iridescent qualities of our standard beads as well as the glass like finish of the clear and dye beads. Our secret is in the slow curing process and the high quality materials we use- as you know all sourced within the U.K.

There are so many colours you can choose from. With a large choice of styles you will have the freedom to choose yourself or someone you care about the very best bead to suit. Very convenient for those surprise birthday gifts! 

Our beads (like all our items) are suitable for ashes or hair- We do advise you if your sample or style doesn’t match. We can also add multiple hair or ash samples to an item if you choose to do this, with no extra cost!

*As always we are very happy to discuss your order with you if you are struggling to choose a style or colour. Chat with us on Facebook or email us. Choosing the “I am not sure” option at checkout will also prompt us to email you once your inclusions have arrived to discuss the perfect colour for you.

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